Thursday, August 24, 2017



When I found this shutter it was painted white and a little bit of wood was showing through.  I wanted it to look more distressed, so I left it outside for three or four months.  After being rained on several times, I decided I finally liked it, just fine!  So, I distressed it a little bit more and added white and gray paint.  Then, I added the subtle stencil on top, middle and bottom in a soft metallic silver.  
Actually, I was just curious how it would hold up after being rained on.  
Maybe you shouldn't do that :)
It's easy enough to get a distressed look with paint.
From the rain hitting it, there is a bit of decayed wood on the very top,
 but I really like the way it looks with the distressing.
As I was sealing the shutter, I put lots and lots of sealer on the decayed wood.  I didn't want it to crumble.  The rest of the shutter is not rotted.  Just the top.
My home is small and I'm always trying to figure out ways to add more storage.  This shutter cabinet is perfect just outside of my bathroom.  Those two legs that I added to the bottom hold it up, but I also added two L hooks/angle hooks on the top.  Otherwise, it would topple over.
After working on the shutter, I built a frame the size of the shutter out of 1 x 6 boards and cut and installed 7 shelves. 8 including the bottom of the frame.  I used the wall as the back.  That way, it kept the cabinet narrow, since I didn't have a lot of room in the hallway.  At Lowes, I found some perfect legs to attach to the bottom.  I painted the frame and legs a steel blue and then painted and rubbed off metallic silver.  The color looks so nice with the distressed and faded white and gray shutter.  It needed a knob, so I found a wooden one and painted it to match the shutter.  At the very end, I sealed everything with a "dull" clear coat.

     Finally, I added the hinges and attached the door .
This cabinet is sooo easy to make and is the perfect size for a narrow space.

I really love how it turned out.  And, I did it myself!!

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